Update (0.2.B)

Just a small update. (which is why I'm calling it 2.B) nothing  "too" significant has been added/changed. here are the  patch notes:

v0.2 (B)
made projectiles slightly faster

made slide attack easier to perform

fixed glitch that allowed you to slide while attacking

made block objects a little bigger

changed the sprite for spikes

made special platforms slightly bigger

made the robofish a little bigger

made the homing bots bigger

performing a drilldive on the robofish and homing bots will now result in a bounce

minor level adjustments

slightly increased the time for the initial shot when Lilly is spotted by a Rotbot.

changed some environmental things.

probably a few other changes that are too insignificant for me to remember doing but that's about it.


Jul 27, 2019

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