Ok so since the last update (which I wrote in the comments section because I wasn't sure how this website worked yet) I've made a few changes that are pretty substantial (well sort of). the main change I made was getting rid of the gun. The gun was never planned to be a permanent thing, it was just a place holder for whatever real means of attacking I came up with. The character no longer shoots bullets. instead I've replaced it with an attack called the "spin kick". it's a quick melee attack where the character spins in a circle while kicking (probably pretty obvious). if the power meter is full, then it will shoot a projectile that you can use to attack enemies. With this new attack comes with a few new abilities. First of all when attacking in mid-air, the attack will cancel out any vertical movement. This makes it easier to shoot enemies in mid air, and over all feels better to perform then just shooting in mid air. With this in mind the attack allows Lilly to "fly". timing your attacks just right will allow you essentially fly across the stage. Of course, it isn't an infinite ability. every attack uses stamina (the pink meter below the life meter) so eventually you will fall. However, mastering this ability could make speed running a little more interesting.

Next I've added the ability to  attack while crouching. nothing special just a crouched spin kick. it's a lot slower than a normal kick

lastly I've added the ability to slide. to slide you simply press down while  running and you will automatically slide across the stage.

I've also added/replaced some sprites forthe  character. here are the changes:

changed the idle sprites. they're much more lively now.

removed the gun from some older sprites (it still remains in the swimming and wallslide).

added the spin kick sprite

added a crouched spin kick sprite

added a sliding sprite

some other slight changes:

changed the water physics a tad. when you're not moving, you now slow down faster. it's also easier to swim.

jumping is slightly higher now

walking is slightly faster.

changed some visual assets (again)

 those are all the changes I can think of. there are still a few other features I have planned to add. then I can start working on things like more enemies, level assets, etc... so still a long way to go before a real release. since it's been a while I think I'll upload a test room for people to play around in. but there won't be much in it aside from very basic objects and a few enemies. However, keep this in mind when playing: when I ad stuff to the character, I usually work with one side of her. So all of these new abilities will only work properly when facing the RIGHT side. I then will work properly in the future, however working like this makes it easier for me to add and test new things quicker. 


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Sep 21, 2018
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Sep 10, 2018
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Sep 15, 2018

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