0.0.3 Release!

Ver 0.0.3 is finally out!

I'll make a video shortly discussing the changes on the Youtube Channel.  In the meantime here's a list of all the changes since the last version:

V 0.3

fixed weird glitch where Lilly stands way too far to the right of jump through platforms

made the hurt box for Lilly slightly smaller

make the collision box for gems larger. should be easier to grab them now.

added health items (hearts). they will randomly appear after defeating enemies.

fixed a glitch where the kick sweep follows Lilly if she turns around

slightly increased the size of the spin-kick melee hit boxes

altered the stamina system. Stamina no longer limits Lilly's ability to attack. instead, if you run out of 
stamina, she will enter a "tired" state, where she cannot shoot projectiles but can still attack. Continuing to attack during this
might result in her becoming "dizzy" in which she will be completely out of your control for a couple seconds
while waddling around from dizziness.

changed how the stamina meter refills. it now refills differently depending on your current actions. So when 
Lilly is in mid air, it will refill slower than on the ground. this should also nerf infinite wall jumping.

added a death animation (wip)

added a text engine. (might change it in the future, though not sure)

added the ability to run by holding the attack button

fixed weird splash glitch when getting hurt underwater

replaced Lilly's collision box, and also adjusted the sprites origin, as to make it feel less "clunky"

added LIMITED gamepad support. (I don't suggest you use it, but you can if you want). The controls were tested
on a Power A Gamecube controller, so the mapping will probably be awkward on most other controllers. I plan to add custom mapping in the
future. That being said, if you want to try using a controller, you can. The default controller port is set to port 4.

decreased the saturation of the background images. this should make things a little easier to see, and adjusted the color of a bunch of different stuff.

a few bug fixes

several other minor changes I probably forgot about.


Dec 29, 2019
Dec 29, 2019

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